Youth Advocates for Immigrants and Refugees

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Deborah Iraheta-Gonzalez


Deborah Iraheta-Gonzalez is a Sophmore at St. Mary's Academy. When not doing school work, she enjoys reading, drawing, and taking care of her dog. Her family originates from El Salvador and she is excited to be apart of the YAIR team.

Maéline Bringuier


Maéline Bringuier is currently at St. Mary’s Academy, set to graduate in 2024. She’s a first generation immigrant and her first language is French. When not studying at school, she enjoys making music and writing poetry. She joined YAIR as she knows how tough it can be to find safe places for immigrants and refugees, she dreams to help people in any way she can.

Nuzhat Maisha Hoque


Nuzhat Maisha Hoque recently graduated from Oregon Islamic Academy. Her family is ethnically from Bangladesh. She can speak Bengali and some Arabic conversationally. Maisha works to show that being quiet doesn't make anyone weaker and everyone's feelings matter and should be heard. She joined YAIR in order to be an active listener, bring a different perspective to the table, and build unforgettable bonds with other youth around the Portland area and (in the future) from all over the world. When not volunteering in her community, spending time with family and friends, or studying, she can be found with her nose deep in a book.

Shimon Dasgupta


Shimon Dasgupta recently graduated from Evergreen High School. He plays the Viola in
Evergreen's Chamber Orchestra and is on his high school's tennis team. Outside
of school he is passionate about politics, social engineering, and cross-cultural
immersion. He joined YAIR because he believes that through cross-cultural
connections, we can build world peace and improve our overall quality of life.
When he's not spending time with family or relaxing with his friends, you can
find him in his room jamming out to music.

Olivia Cull


Olivia Cull recently graduated from St. Mary’s Academy. She speaks Spanish and participates in her school’s cross country team, drama, and choir program. She is also an Outdoor School leader and a mentor for refugee and immigrant youth at Kateri Park. Olivia is interested in developing ways to improve cross cultural communication among youth in order to create social change. In her free time, Olivia likes to play guitar and go on runs with friends (and her dog). She has led a workshop for UNITE day (a day designated for equity and inclusion workshops), and was an Amigos International volunteer in Panama during the summer of 2019.

Nayantara Arora 


Nayantara recently graduated from St. Mary’s Academy. As a first-generation Indian-American, she is passionate about social justice, equity, and inclusion. She is involved in leadership as a core leader of her school's Student Equity Team, leader of her school’s Asian and Pacific Islander Club, a workshop leader of UNITE day (a day designated for equity/inclusion workshops) and IRCO volunteer. Outside of school, Nayantara enjoys spending time with her family, playing the violin, swimming, and dancing Bharatnatyam. Fluent in five languages, Nayantara is a proud glossophile.

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